(c) 2010 Christiana Lambert

Because I often live in chaos, I appreciate whatever order I can find—well, if it’s order of my own choosing anyway. If these first few weeks of the empty nest aren’t high in the excitement level, that’s because I need more order to have room for the exciting.

I miss my kids, but I don’t miss their stuff or the chores associated with having more people living in the house. I’m far from a domestic diva, so suffice it to say that instant motherhood that began with not one but two kids pretty much started me out feeling behind—and I’ve been there ever since.

Oh, I know that I didn’t feel like I was ahead before I got pregnant. I’m pretty sure I’m one of those people who will always feel as if I have too many things to do on my checklist, but I feel the possibility that that checklist will be much reduced.

I’m still recovering from the craziness of gathering up the items needed at college, as well as just being away from our home ourselves. But when I haven’t been trying to create order, I have had time to enjoy my husband, read books, and talk on Skype with Christiana (Jackson is not too interested in keeping the home fires burning . . .)

Yet Sherman probably went back to work today happy to do his paid job versus working on at home projects! I know it’s crazy to schedule our painting the house so close to returning home, but I just want to make our home nice right now—and the calendar marches forward, whether or not we’d rather rest. (Turns out much of the year is either too hot or too cold for painting a stucco home . . .)

So indulge me my nesting tendencies, especially since an end-of-pregnancy heavy duty cold sapped what little energy remained in a multiple pregnancy and kept me from any nesting tendencies that might have been mine eighteen years ago. Since I’m the one who spends most of my time in this home, I’d like to feel a little more calmness in my environment.

It’s been a long time coming.

Don’t worry—I haven’t suddenly become enamored of domestic duties. No doubt in another couple weeks I’ll be right back at creating chaos in my home space—but with any luck, I’ll also have enough room to access the kind of enjoyable chaos that is part of living a creative life—and leads to the ideas, possibilities, and artistic products in what comes next for me.