(c) 2009, CBL

(c) 2009, CBL

I work with words: writing articles, charticles, essays, and commentaries, as well as editing and ghostwriting others’ words.

I believe that many who read hunger for words that build their faith in leaders, institutions, neighbors, and themselves. David Whyte’s poem “Loaves and Fishes” states “People are hungry, and one good word is bread for a thousand.”

So often my odd sense of humor creeps into how I provide that bread–for both myself and for others. Most of my writing–and life–is not nearly as serious as all this sounds. No matter how bleak a situation seems, I always find a way to laugh, even if I can only laugh at the irony in that particular situation.

Beyond laughter, I look for renewal in simple things: short fences, hanging laundry in the sun, listening from a pew on Sunday morning, drinking iced tea on my front porch, doing something well, giving to others, and focusing on long term outcomes.

That’s what it takes to keep me . . . going the distance.