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I get excited when I see friends changing the world for better.

Go, Elaine! Yeah, this is dedicated to my former chemistry lab partner—the one who did everything right on our labs and I still couldn’t get the lab written well enough!

Elaine once told us her job was to go to work, play with her toys, then put them away and go back home.

You know what her job is? She’s a biochemist who works on DNA sequencing. Her toys are saving lives!

She’s sequenced things like the SARS virus and the chicken genome. She calls James Watson “Jimmy” and his ridden in his Lear jet.

Out of the blue, her mother called me Tuesday night. She said Elaine said there would be big news on leukemia today. Read about it here:

Maybe it’s the kind of leukemia that killed my uncle, Dale. The illness that runs in the Rodehorst genes, according to family genealogists. Maybe not, but it runs in a lot of people’s families. Lives will be saved down the road from this.

I’m such a nerd, I e-mailed Christiana’s biology teacher, Ms. Rankin—I already knew she’d be a science nerd about this.

Her reply? “Wow!”

Wow is right.

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