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(c) 2010 Christiana Lambert

(c) 2010 Christiana Lambert

I continue to feel frustrated by how much crap there is to do in life.

Was already frustrated that our family vehicle licensing renewals cluster over a few months. (Hey, that almost makes me feel thankful that since the dealer still has not located the title for the vehicle we bought in May, we are on our second temporary license and get to wait another six weeks to pay for that vehicle’s license. ) To add to the financial pain, though our vehicles had been driven past the roadside emission testing vans several times, all still needed emissions tests. I suppose that could be because the cars weren’t passing those roadside tests, but that definitely wasn’t the case with the first car I took to emissions. That car passed so well that I am extremely impressed by how few emissions come from a car that is now 14 years old.

Last week I discovered a handy tool that showed me waiting times at emissions testing centers which worked really well—last week. Yesterday—not so much.

For one, the car of this week is a real time SUV—which means it gets a different emissions test. For two, the testing center only has one bay for testing SUVs—which makes little sense in a state such as Colorado. And that also means published testing times aren’t so accurate for SUVs.

As I waited in line in my car, I kept the engine off. With that hot sun beating down on me and the sweat pouring down my back, I couldn’t wait to make it to the front of the line and out of my car and into the waiting area. Except that while I watched, I saw a couple vehicles back from the bay and leave. Then the attendants blocked the bay by stretching a chain with a “closed” sign hanging from it across the entrance.

The attendant apologized to each of us in line and offered us a brochure for the other locations.
No thanks. I mean, who wants to spend precious time doing all these dull adult things anyway, let alone when they don’t work? Of course the location needs another bay for SUVs—this is Colorado—but it appears to be a budget matter—and we all know how budget matters have gone for the last several years.

I’m tired of being a grown-up, especially when the systems for doing all those time-consuming boring adult chores do not always work—and I still have more wasted time ahead of me. Don’t mind me but I started pouting just thinking about how I had been kept from checking off a task from my “to do” list.

However, while I was busy pouting, I went on the company’s website and sent notice of what happened, mentioning I thought an additional SUV bay would help every day, but especially when equipment breaks down. Lo and behold—I heard back from the company within an hour and was told another bay will be added in a couple months—and was offered an apology, along with a complimentary emissions test.

Huh—call me stunned. So I still need to do this boring and inconvenient task, but at least someone at the company acted like an adult and took some responsibility for my inconvenience. Time for me to be an adult and accept that, while frustrations happen, at least this particular wait is for something after all.

Follow-up: I received the complimentary coupon in the mail two days after I contacted the company, then got the test done the next day. Not quite painless, but that task is checked off the list for another two years, plus I only had to pay with my time.

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