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When it rains it pours . . . although not literally around here or we wouldn’t be having so many life-changing fires.

No, this weekend I have two causes to support two days in a row. As much as I know these events will bring me too close to emotions I’d rather not disturb, I can’t say “no” to participating in either event. They both raise funds for causes that are essential to those closest to my heart.

Tomorrow I will be participating for the first time in the Memory Walk which supports the Alzheimer’s Association. This is my first time only because I was in denial the last two years, not because the disease hadn’t already begun to wreak havoc on our family. We were already suffering as we watched my mother fight and lose to a disease that has taken away two of the things she prized the most: her intelligence and her independence.

The good news is she has found a caring home where the staff members love the residents and love helping them to feel better in each moment right where they are. Since last year she has lost much of her anxiety, relaxing often into the soothing words spoken by those who help her through her days. I will be participating in the Memory Walk at Denver’s City Park with a team led by Emeritus’ Court at Denver staff. We will walk together with the names of all the residents listed on the back of our T-shirts and do our best to remember who they have been throughout their lives.

And then on Sunday I will be returning to the Jefferson County Fairgrounds as a team member of Bethany Lutheran Church to walk for the Second Wind Fund of Metro Denver. The Second Wind’s mission? “. . . (T)o decrease the incidence of teen suicide by removing financial and social barriers to treatment for at-risk youth.” For whatever reason, Colorado ranks sixth in the nation in suicides. If you have had a student in a Colorado high school during the last few years, you probably know that several schools have experienced losses. At a time when our schools have reduced budgets for counseling staff, many of those counseling departments are encountering more students in crisis. The Second Wind Fund aims to provide outside resources for those without access otherwise.

Pumptitude 2008

I will be forever grateful that our family had coverage in our time of crisis. There is no easy road to healing, but with the right professional guidance, lives can be saved. And since guidance takes money, I will be walking.

Watch me as I lace up my running shoes and pin race bibs on my shirts both Saturday and Sunday and do what’s uncomfortable (emotionally) for me in order to help people who will be in need in the future. Or if you’d like, please help support the causes yourself.

To support my walk for Alzheimer’s, click here.

To support my team’s efforts for the Second Wind Fund, click here.

Now, if you don’t mind, I better rest up! I’ve got miles to go before the sun sets on this coming weekend.

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