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(c) 2012 Sherman Lambert

Back when Sherman and I were young DINKs (dual income no kids), Sherman took on a major, major project: making our 1940s house warm. The outside walls were made of stucco and the inside plaster, but they housed no insulation! Add the insult of single-pane casement windows that wouldn’t even shut very well anymore and you’d understand why this house was cold—and bleeding energy. Even though we often kept the thermostat in the low 60s, we still had monthly wintertime energy bills that exceeded $250. We had to keep our windows covered to reduce the drafts just a little bit—even if it meant keeping out the sunshine.

Sherman sleeping under his completed window, 1991

Having more time than sense—sorry, Sherman!—Sherman decided he didn’t want to inject insulation in the walls. No, he would add insulation to the inside of the outside walls (got that?) and then drywall them and then texturize the new walls to match the remaining old ones.

Of course, we didn’t just need new walls—we needed new windows, too. Thank goodness we don’t live in a covenant-controlled neighborhood because our plan was to replace them two or three at a time until we made it all the way around the house. We paid as we went and that way he could work on one room at a time since he really didn’t have that much time—hey, he had work to do and places to go and people to see.

Windows in 1992

Although he was confident he could push out the old windows, he knew enough to hire a trusted “retired” contractor—Jerry, a man who had performed many “miracles” completing projects for Sherman’s father and brothers—to install the new windows while he assisted at his side. He didn’t want to repeat the previous owner’s slightly skewed installations—no, he wanted the accuracy that came from a professional who knew his way around a level. Not only did Jerry provide us with straight windows, but he also created beautiful frames to showcase those windows. Sherman completed the project by staining the wood until it glowed like warm honey.

New blind closed, 2012

And what did I do to that now warm living room/dining room area? I covered up those beautiful windows with long, formal curtains that my mother-in-law paid a seamstress to make out of the material we had chosen and purchased. That made more sense as we anticipated the births of our twins. If I was going to figure out to nurse two babies, I didn’t really need to worry about what the neighbors could and couldn’t see.

Well, those twins are grown now and though the curtains are not worn out, they feel too heavy these days, especially considering the delicious sunshine that can light up these rooms during the winter.

New blind opened, 2012

So we did it—we decided to open up the room by installing Duette blinds we can raise and lower as needed. Though the sun’s path across the room is glorious, we do need some way to control that intense sunshine so that it does not wreak havoc on our furniture and rug.

Now if I can only control myself enough to keep it out when I should. Here comes our sun and I can’t help but want to rest into its warmth like a cat in a window seat, but I have work to do, places to go, and people to see—and furnishings to protect, blah, blah, blah.

Still, I can’t help but think our future’s so bright—you know the lyrics—we’re going to have to wear shades.

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