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OK, there’s nothing exciting about my time, but I did it! Yes, I ran a five mile race after several years away from running and a year back running only 5Ks.

Today our family joined the Colorado Masters Running/Racewalking Association. Of course, only Sherman and I are “masters”-at least in age, heh, heh. Still it’s a pretty inexpensive way for us to race throughout 2009. It’s not like we need any more T-shirts anyway.

Did I mention it was cold this morning? Yeah, we’ve had some sweet weather lately and the forecast for today was mid-50s, but not at pre-race time. When I checked the temperature online, it read 19 degrees! Yikes, couldn’t we have slept in a little longer and run when it was decent?

Truth is, after freezing while waiting in the very long porta-potty line (did I mention that “masters” stands for older people like us, although they do let people like Christiana, Jackson, and Cheyenne run, too?), it took about two minutes of running for me to feel overdressed. First the gloves, then the headband, and finally the jacket went.

What a beautiful November day for running around Chatfield Reservoir. We had to go through some narrow trails in the trees and grasses next to the South Platte River. That kept me from slowing down too much because the people behind could only pass at certain points.

Unfortunately, the path was pretty tight and involved avoiding tree roots and rocks. That didn’t work for everyone. One guy left in an ambulance after face-planting about five people in front of me. Thank goodness we didn’t all keep going and demonstrate the Domino Effect!

The funny thing is I’m such a prairie person that about 3 1/2 miles into the race, I’d had it with running in the trees. I was starting to think, “Get me out of this forest and out where I can see something beside the person in front of me!” Who knew I could get claustrophobic running beside the Platte?

I’m just happy I made the right turn for five mile finish. I was starting to panic and worry I would end up on the ten mile route. Well, I didn’t! That’s good because five miles is the most I’ve run in at least half a decade, if not more.

I’m back-and definitely in black because, of course, it is the most slimming color. Stay tuned for more running times . . .

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