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Ouch! Avoid ramming into this footboard, even if there is a dog sleeping on the floor.

Sometimes a bad thing happens and what’s good about it is that it pushes us in the direction of something even better. Other times a bad thing exposes something good that is already happening.

I’m happy to report that I recently experienced the second situation—and I’m ecstatic about the underlying proof that my back and hips are continuing to heal—just wish I didn’t have to hurt myself to prove that!

I don’t know about you, but if I get up in the night to go to the bathroom or check on a noise, I leave the lights off. Some nights I do have to negotiate around sleeping dogs, but our current dogs, Sam and Furgus, don’t move much. Well, last week, while trying to avoid stepping on Sam, I leapt over him onto the mattress—or so I thought.

What I really did was ram my inner thigh right into the sharp edge of the footboard before rolling onto the mattress. Not sure how Sherman managed to sleep through the cursing and groaning that followed, as well as the rolling around in agony.

Lesson learned—I need to slow down when I’m moving around half asleep in the dark.

But you know what? Before my healing began, I couldn’t walk (or leap) quickly wide awake in the bright sunshine, let alone half asleep in the dark. In fact, half the time I would get out of bed too fast and have to hang onto the wall before my back would let me move forward at all. So that huge multi-colored bruise on my thigh proves that I’m well enough to walk faster than I should, as well as leap—yes, leap! It’s a possibility I couldn’t have even gotten into our new taller bed when my injury was at its worst.

And while I’m kind of proud that I can walk and leap, I haven’t exactly worn this visible badge proudly. The truth is I’ve never seen a bruise this deep that didn’t come from something more traumatic such as a car accident or a fall that led to significant injuries. Wouldn’t you know I did this right before the start of the only exercise class I do where I have to expose the top of my thigh. Yup, deep water class started today.

While putting on my aquatic belt so I could take the first plunge of my summer into the pool, I couldn’t get anyone to focus on anything other than my bruise.

I kept saying, “I’m fine and it’s a good thing, really.”

Not that they believed me, but I do.

At least the fact I can move is a good thing, but I think I’ll save my recently returned superwoman speed for daylight from now on . . .

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