(c) 2010 Christiana Lambert

(c) 2010 Christiana Lambert

There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. That will be the beginning. Louis L’Amour

It’s been a long week for me with a whole lot of singing, first at choir practice, then followed by singing at Holy Week services on Thursday and Friday night, as well as at two Easter services today. And, in between all that singing, my family and I threw in one last ski session together. No wonder I can barely string together more than a few sentences to complete this blog post that is already a day late and just a few hours from being two days late.

However, since a friend of mine posted this Louis L’Amour quote in one of her blog posts last week, I’ve really been pondering those words in regards to all the yoga turmoil and changes in our community as well my seeking outside employment. When one (or two!) chapter(s) end, that is when something else can start.

These past few days I’ve sat (and stood) through several Holy week lessons, songs, and homilies. Turns out this quote can be applied to more than just your life or mine. As I’ve been reminded, the journey to the tomb certainly made it appear as if everything was finished.

And, yet, that was just the beginning.