(c) 2013 Trina Lambert

(c) 2013 Trina Lambert

This month has gone by in a blur! Buying another car, Sherman’s dad falling and needing surgery again, our daughter applying (and getting accepted) to the drawing program at college, traveling by car to Oklahoma to help with a wedding, attending that wedding, our son rehearsing for a play next week, both kids on break from college this week, and the Thanksgiving celebration with family. Here we are already on the last day of November, facing the arrival of both December and the Advent season tomorrow. Yikes.

Boy, am I glad that in our home we get to celebrate the quiet Advent season before it’s really Christmas. No Black Friday (Black Thanksgiving??!!) shopping for us, unless we must count that trip to the art store to find supplies for our daughter’s future projects.

The mild weather here has helped me stay in an autumnal mood. Didn’t want to go back inside after my run on Tuesday so instead I continued to “earn” my sunshine by performing (really) late season weeding. Thanksgiving Day we made sure to get out on the path with our dogs before we needed to prepare dinner items—and we weren’t the only ones since the paths were filled with families and their pups. Today we tried out another new path close to the rehab center where we visit Sherman’s father.

Nope, I’m not going to buy into the Christmas rush yet. After our crazy-busy November, I’m especially glad for the rest I can find in being an Advent person who believes that good is worth the wait.

Oh yes, I need a little Advent to remember just exactly Who it is for Whom I wait.