Art by Christiana Lambert, 2013

Art by Christiana Lambert, 2013

When I was in high school, I played the grumpy nun, Sister Berthe, in The Sound of Music. Sister Berthe served as the gatekeeper—she just knew that Maria was not cut out to be a nun and she certainly wasn’t going to try to pump her up. On the other hand, Sister Margaretta was always the perky, cheerleader, the “You can do it!” person. As Sister Sophia said, “Sister Margaretta always says, ‘When God closes a door, he opens a window.’”

Sister Berthe was right—Maria didn’t end up becoming a nun. However, Sister Margaretta was also right. God had a place for Maria even if it didn’t turn out to be where she thought He’d called her to go.

Life is like that, whether we want to admit it or not. How many of us who have lived through several decades are so glad that we didn’t always get what we wanted? Sure, we would have liked to have made the choices for ourselves and thus missed out on a whole lot of pain. But we need to be honest with ourselves—we weren’t going to make those choices. No, they had to be made for us in order for us to give up on those dreams that didn’t quite suit us as much as we thought.

Today my daughter had to face news she didn’t want to hear. As much as it hurts, maybe she needs to be open to the possibility that something better will follow. She does have options—options I think may better fit her abilities and plans than her original goal. The tough part is stepping back from the pain and looking around clearly through those eyes that have been forced to focus elsewhere.

I believe in her just as I always have. I hope that one day soon she sees how hard she’s been trying to be something she is not.

She’s actually more than that—and she has options, really she does.

Time to look for that window . . .