(c) 2012 Trina Lambert

(c) 2012 Trina Lambert

From the “it’s always something” department, my computer keeps warning me of the imminent demise of the hard drive. And, so I have been pushing hard to finalize any spreadsheets required in order to help the accountant prepare our taxes. Luckily this is the year he started using a portal for our documents so even if the drive—and the back-ups—were to fail, those documents are in his capable hands.

Now that I’ve finished that work, we’ll re-do the backups one more time and take the computer down tonight.

But, since this is my second hard drive with problems, I have to ask why this keeps happening. I hardly transport my laptop further than from the living room to the family room downstairs and back again—and more often it stays in one location.

Someone gave me a possible answer that I really don’t like: maybe our 1940s electricity is the bigger problem. And, this starts to sound more plausible when I realize that my son had trouble with both his desktop and his laptop—and sometimes his tablet acts up. Although I don’t think we’re ready to re-do our electric yet, we really do need to invest in better surge protectors and back-up systems to protect those new hard drives.

Ugh. So bear with my continuing absences while we get everything working properly again. I’ve already been gone too long while focusing on the numbers—for the business books and taxes, my new financial software, and the personal taxes—and I really don’t want to stay away any longer. When I let the words start building too long in my head, they start demanding to be released.

If I’m not careful, I’ll explode. Just might be time to write with a pen—or, gasp—learn how to start using that not-so-new smart(er than me)phone more.

Gotta’ go—don’t want to tax my terminal hard drive any more than necessary after taxing it with all that tax prep!