(c) 2012 Sherman Lambert

(c) 2012 Sherman Lambert

Yes, it’s finally coming back. When you first fall ill, you’re sick enough to think it’s a great idea, say, to watch the entire Season 2 of Downton Abbey in one day—interspersed with naps, of course. But after you lose several days to doing nothing, you want to catch up.

However, the truth is after you’ve been really sick, then comes the time when you’re just tired. And, if you’re smart, you’ll listen to your body and rest when you body say, “Rest!”

Talk about dull and unproductive! And when you are productive, it’s because you only have the energy to do the dull things you must do.

Well, two weeks after my flu/cold, I finally regained some energy. Who knows if I am pushing it too hard or if I really am that much better? I’ve hardly coughed at all since Monday and that is a big improvement. Plus, maybe losing five pounds from not wanting to eat turned out to be helpful after all. (Don’t worry, I have plenty to spare . . .)

Yesterday, for the first time in a long time, I didn’t have my Tuesday noon Pilates class—it’s been cancelled permanently due to low numbers. As much as I know I need the class or something similar to keep my lower back behaving, I didn’t miss it yesterday. I might not have been doing planks, but I was going up and down the stairs, putting away things that have been homeless for too long. I also undid the dogs’ winter-weather handiwork by mopping the floor. Finally I got around to putting the new rugs on the bedroom floor—but not until I cleaned the floor first. It’s rare when I find the energy to do domestic tasks so I pushed myself as hard as I could—I’ll leave out the rest of what I did. No, not exciting to do but exciting to have done!

Then today I woke up really craving some ZUMBA dancing, even though I’d be going to yoga later. If I’d known we’d be doing vinyasa yoga, maybe I would have waited, but probably not. I just wanted to move once I saw the beginnings of this glorious day. And then after working out inside, how could I resist the Colorado blue skies and warm temperatures that returned today? Yes, I went for my first run since the day before I came down with the flu. Was it easy? No, but it was just the sort of day that not only makes me want to run, but also has the kindest weather conditions for my conditioning.

So after all that, do I still have energy? Yes and no. Truth is sometimes dealing with frustration kills my energy more than movement. Let’s just say that online job application I worked on made me want to scream—the system really didn’t want to send me my password again and it really doesn’t want to make it easy to input a résumé (yeah, sure all the formatting disappears but will the system allow you just to send your nicely-formatted résumé? Not a chance!)

Boy, have I missed my energy, whether I wanted to use it for fun activities or just to get me through necessary—or even frustrating—activities. I bet I sleep well tonight—which will build more energy, right? Welcome back, Energy! See you tomorrow . . . when you and I work together, the sky is wide open.