(c) 2012 Christiana Lambert, Copper Mountain, CO

Nothing like leaving the Mile High City for a day trip into higher elevations. Sherman and I are lucky because we got to go skiing today at Copper Mountain. However, today means more to me than a get-away into the elevated parts of the state.

This day, the Thursday of Holy Week, is Maundy Thursday. So despite my post-skiing fatigue, I went to church tonight—and managed to keep open my eyes.

What a sight each year to watch our church’s third-graders walk barefoot up the aisle. Although the little boys wear suit jackets and ties while the girls wear dresses to commemorate the first communion meals they will receive, first they come to get their feet washed. The ministers wash the children’s feet, just as Jesus washed the disciples’ feet. It’s another one of those “first shall be last and last shall be first” teaching moments. The ceremony never fails to bring tears to my eyes.

Jesus, as God’s son, had every right to be elevated, yet he stooped to wash the very dusty feet of those whom he loved. By performing a job normally reserved for servants and slaves, he chose to be lowly or undignified—the opposite of elevated.

Jesus knows that his time on this earth has come to an end, yet what does he do? He serves those who ought to be serving him as he nears his hour of need.

When he washed my feet, he elevated me forevermore, even in those times when my feet are firmly planted in the valleys, with those mountaintop experiences nothing but distant memories.