Did I mention I come from the Heartland? Nebraska, specifically. I can’t help but think about branding livestock when I hear the word “branding,” even if I was a town girl the whole time I lived there. Suffice it to say I know enough to know that branding is painful enough the first time, so there’s no way an animal wants to do it again.

OK—I don’t suppose it’s quite that painful to “brand” myself. I am prone to hyperbole from time to time.

Yesterday I talked about my liberal arts degree—and yes, I have read the book Jobs For English Majors and Other Smart People because let’s just say some people in the business community don’t appreciate generalists. Me, I’m an English/Spanish major/MBA. Put that in your box!

Over the years I’ve been paid to do magazine circulation administration, financial reporting standardization, financial report preparation, editing, and writing. I’ve also added accountability oversight, systems creation, and productivity improvement into my volunteer, as well as personal activities.

Are you thinking that’s a pretty random background? Truth is it’s not as random as it seems. All those jobs involve an eye for detail, the ability to do research, analytical thinking skills, and a desire to provide resources. Yet what was missing in my early work years was a chance to do really creative work, and perhaps help solve a problem, at the same time as I was doing the detailed-work.

Over a decade ago I finally realized that Renaissance Men and Women are my heroes. I’ve been trying to live my life that way ever since. I’m impressed with people who choose to pursue multiple knowledge areas or who can do seemingly opposite things well.

I guess I didn’t realize it, but my family is made up of these kind of people. Check out a few of them:

  • my pharmacist father who held leading roles in several Neil Simon comedy productions in our town
  • my musician mother who could improvise on the piano keys, but could follow the rules in her job deciding who should receive unemployment compensation
  • my brother who is a human resources director (paperwork king!) and whose singing voice stands out—for good reasons
  • my football-playing lineman nephew who does well in his science courses
  • my daughter who excels in biology and art
  • my son who can act and do abstract math
  • my computer programmer husband who blew away our Great Books group members (mostly CPAs!) with his ability to expound on philosophy
  • my English Springer Spaniel who can’t seem to find food that’s been dropped on the floor, yet can figure out how to open the gate (Whoops—not quite the same, is that?)

I guess I still didn’t get to the writing brand that says Trina. More tomorrow on that—just expect that it will be a little bit Renaissancy. OK, maybe I did make up that word.

Forgive me, it’s just the creative writer in me going a little too far after a day spent performing too many administrative details, like paying bills, arranging appointments, and trying to clear off my desk. Always the desk—and that, my friend is not a very Renaissancy activity.