Forgive my absence-I had to get some paid work done!

I, also, news flash, went to an information session on blogging. Beware, this show is about to go global, rather than remain available only to my few MySpace friends (relatives and friends of my relatives!)

Plus, Life itself got in the way. Sometimes I need to be hands-on with people rather than staying at a distance behind my words. While I’m busy living, the words are piling up inside my head just waiting for a chance to break free.

Of course, the longer I stay away from writing, the harder it is to convey just what I wanted to say. Often it’s not until I sit down to listen to someone else speak that I understand the truth of the matter.

This past Sunday, November 23, Pastor Ron Glusenkamp preached on eye contact-what we see or don’t see. And what we didn’t see was huge.

Huge enough that we are still holding our collective breath. Thank God for all the people and events that set in motion the better resolution.

Pastor Ron also pointed out a phrase from Ephesians about the eyes of the heart being enlightened. My heart didn’t want to see how much everyone else was hurting. Let’s just say my eyes saw something, but I left my understanding behind in my own anger.

What I’ve seen is that although the flock has scattered, no one is happy. I do my best to look out for my own sheep-and it’s a full-time job these days-but I wish could bring back the others. I was their ally, not their enemy.

I remember when eye contact meant hearts were intact. Forgive my often cold, German eyes-they do see with enlightenment.