Yes, it’s true, there is a desk under the papers! This is the week I conceded that I could never get my paid work done without dealing with much of that unpaid work that is a big part of my life—Mom’s bills and medical information, our family’s bills and medical information, and all the other miscellaneous mail that overwhelms me.

I admit that I’m becoming more like my mother in this way. I open the mail and put it down because I don’t want to deal with it. Aargh! Time to set up a better system.

That’s right, the “operations person” in me realizes the only thing that can save me from my personal avoidance flaw is to create a system that at least keeps all the various types of papers together. Just like Judy’s “head in the sand” drawer, except that I will get to it one day.

Judy was a former friend of my brother-in-law’s who rented the top part of this house before I lived here. Sherman and Michael had to evict her and then clean out anything she left behind. We found a drawer filled with NSF statements from the bank, unreturned videos, and various bills—hidden but not forgotten, at least by those businesses.

Unlike Judy, I do meet my obligations. It’s just that I know you have to step up your operations systems when production or expectations increase. I haven’t done that well enough in this year of added commitments, so it puts a lot of stress on me and keeps me from being able to focus as well as I’d like on my paid assignments and the ones I want to create.

Today’s not the day to create the system, as tempting as it is to do—because it’s not urgent! Yes, that would be avoiding my real work. I don’t want to be like Conny doing a craft project because she’s supposed to be cleaning the house for Susan’s visit. Only, isn’t it hilarious that she chooses something fun like a craft project for her avoidance measure and I’m . . . thinking about creating a system??!!

Enough said. I’m moving the few remaining papers, taking care of the truly urgent phone calls, and then getting back to the Norman Conquest.

Funny, but if I accomplish these other things, it will be my own version of the Norman Conquest.