Yes, the last lyrics I quoted were bitter. Some days those are the kind of words I feel and I’m just glad someone else has expressed them so well. However, I don’t want to live there every day, all the time.

More often I choose lyrics of hope. We all need hope in a world where what’s good isn’t always obvious to us. Sometimes it’s because of where we’re looking, but other times it is because of where we are. In those times we know we’re going to have to walk through that shadowy valley before we get to rest beside still waters.

I still believe in a God who is good and who hears my prayers, even if they’re not answered in the way or at the time I would choose. So I keep returning to the hungry feast.

We come to the hungry feast
hungry for a word of peace.
To hungry hearts unsatisfied
the love of God is not denied.

We come,
we come to the hungry feast.
(c) Ray Makeever

Right now I especially hunger for peace at our dinner table, in our home, and in our hearts.

If I could, I would take on the hurt for what has happened outside our home. But . . . I can’t. And, it’s not up to me to dictate someone else’s healing or to tell another how to satisfy the heart that hungers or to say how long it will take before the acceptance piece transforms into colors.

I just know that peace won’t come as long as there is a battle going on. Not forgetting doesn’t mean a truce can’t be called.

I hunger for a home of peace. I’m going to keep working to guide our family through that valley and bringing them to that table, even if it feels as if it’s prepared before our enemies—or people who seem to be enemies right now.

I come, hungry, to that feast.

Peace be with us.