Or is it?

I think I received a compliment this week that was sincere. Yes, I’m one of those annoying patients who does Internet research on medical symptoms.

But, I like to think that because of the researching skills I’ve acquired as a writer, I know how to evaluate the validity of sources. Sure I like Wikipedia, but I always look at other more reliable sources, too.

Yup, my computer personally has a problem with WebMD, so I don’t get to go there, but I tend to go other reliable websites.

As I was talking to my doctor about something I had observed, I explained possible medical connections to what was happening.

She asked me when I was going to go back to school. Ha, ha. When my husband graduated with his MS in 2002, seven years after I’d received my MBA, I declared that the next person in this family who goes to school better be born in 1992!

I told her I hate science. However, I seem to live a life where ignoring it is not an option! If only my eyes didn’t roll back in my head as soon as the language gets a bit technical.

She’s a writer, too—yes, one of those medical people who can write for the masses—so I explained that what I am is a good researcher. Maybe too good because I do a great job of finding a variety of related causes and start to see how complicated most medical diagnoses really are.

I could never make the call! That’s why indecisive people shouldn’t be doctors. I’ll leave that to the professionals, but don’t expect me to stop doing the research before the appointments.

My parents’ attitude of “whatever you think, doctor” is never going to be mine. I’ve watched that lead to disastrous results. No doctor is going to fixate on your personal problem as well as you are.

Hey, we Baby Boomers aren’t called Bellybutton Gazers for nothing!