(c) 2010 Christiana Lambert

(c) 2010 Christiana Lambert

Over the moon: modifier Very happy; delighted (1936+)

Kipfer, Barbara Ann., and Robert L. Chapman. Dictionary of American Slang. 4th ed. New York: Collins, 2007

Just over twenty-five years ago we celebrated our wedding day, but my brother Scott attended alone and was a nervous wreck because his wife Lori was at home waiting to give birth to their child. Well, my brother made it home and we made it back from our honeymoon trip before Christover Scott Lange came into the world ten days later. My parents were—as my mom would have said—over the moon about the blessings of that month. Family was everything to them.

This month that not-so-little boy gets married—and boy would my parents really be over the moon about his bride. If heavenly help has anything to do with meeting The One, then I think they must be behind this match. Dad was a dedicated pharmacist but his passion in life was drama. In fact, he started dating my mother after she did his make-up for a performance. And Mom was a musician through and through, teaching, directing, and accompanying other musicians throughout her life.

Although Scott and I were raised doing something of everything—music and athletics—Chris focused on sports. Now, my mom had been an athlete and my father was a rabid fan of watching athletics, but they seemed a little wistful that Chris didn’t really share their artistic sides, too.

Chris went on to play football in college where he studied science. This particular college had a January inter-term class that culminated with a trip to England and Scotland. As a senior, Chris set off to learn something about Scotland, a country that had long fascinated him, and ended up meeting the woman of his dreams—a college classmate who likely would have been just the woman his grandparents would have wished for him. She is an intelligent, beautiful, kind-hearted, hard-working, and feisty Christian woman who is not only an actor, but also a talented singer.

The day Chris and Mona began dating each other was the day my brother and I were sitting by our mother’s side as she worked to transition to Heaven and back to our father’s side. Coincidence? I think not.

Weddings and births bring others into our families, ensuring that a particular family, such as ours, will continue to go forward long beyond the time when we who live today are gone from this side of Life.

We are over the moon that Chris is bringing Mona into our family. And, somewhere in Heaven I imagine my parents are still over the moon that this particular event came to be as it did with this particular person.

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